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About the project

The buildings at Remisevænget in Copenhagen have been reconditioned. The entire yard has been rebuilt with green areas intersected by footpaths with benches and play areas.

In the middle of all this, the new metro has broken through the ground taking the houses by surprise and turning one of them over. MONSTRUM built the metro-playground for the area.

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The Metro Playground at Remisevænget

The big playground consists of three organic houses and a metro train connected by balancing beams, a slide and a ropeway.

On the outside, the houses are fitted with climbing grips offering both easy and difficult climbing when you also use the window and door frames for the ascend.

The express double slide begins at 2.8 meters above the ground. The slide is one meter wide and wide enough to allow one child to run up the slide while another is going down. Furthermore, the slide is so steep that it is fun to ride it over and over again.

The ropeway begins from the side of a small house, almost buried by sand. The ropeway is 15 meters long. This requires a 15 meters long and four meters wide fall surface. The posts are made of galvanized steel.