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The project
Gentofte Municipality north of Copenhagen announced a design competition in March 2012 among four selected playground companies to renovate their existing public playground in Nymosen. MONSTRUM was happy to participate and win.

Nymosen is a public park with a moor, a forest and a residential area around it.

Gentofte Municipality wanted the playground to be challenging and not too wild in its choice of colours.

We came up with the Roly Poly because it relate well to the humid environment in the moor and the forest floor, and it is really a fascinating creature to explore.

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Roly Poly

On the playground Roly Poly we have chosen to take words and phrases into the game.

We have done this by cutting 14 small sentences about roly polies in various places on the playground. Ready to be discovered by the children.

Did you know that:

1. The Roly Poly breathes through gills?
2. The Roly Poly can be up to four years old?
3. The female can not lay eggs before she is two years old?

It is easy to underestimate the Roly Poly if you have not paid a visit to Nymosen.