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About the project

Gothenburg Municipality invited MONSTRUM to participate in developing an area of the new playground in the Plikta Park, Gothenburg, Sweden.

MONSTRUM designed the playground in collaboration with the municipality and the consulting company Tyréns. We chose to build a blue whale and six sharks.

The theme was inspired by the Natural History Museum in Gothenburg, which has a popular collection of blue whales.

Tyréns is one of the leading consulting firms in Sweden dealing with communication, planning and architecture.

The project at Plikta included a larger park renewal and involved several playground suppliers.

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The Blue Whale in Gothenburg

Can you imaging anything better on a Sunday morning than to be swallowed by a blue whale?

The whale is the world’s largest mammal, weighing more than 120 tons. It occurs in many stories like Pinocchio and Moby Dick.

In Plikta Park the whale swims peacefully away in the vast ocean between seaweed and sharks – and a lot of kids! The kids love to challenge their imagination and motor skills, an opportunity to enter a good game.

You can climb up on to the back of the whale by crawling through its mouth and into its stomach. You can also crawl through the hole in the side and into the basket, that sits on top of the whale. From here you can slide down.

Daredevils and older children can climb onto the giant tail fin and enjoy the view and the peace you gain up there due to the distance to young children and parents.

The whale is 15 meters long, 3.2 meters wide, three meters tall. The exterior is painted blue-gray and the inside is pink. The paint is water based.